Small Pilgrim Places

Francis Blomefields entry for Great Hautbois includes the following :

In this church was a famous image of St. Theobald, commonly called St. Tebbald of Hobbies; it was much frequented for its many pretended miracles, so that pilgrimages used to be made to it. In 1507, in the will of Agnes Parker of Keswic is this, “Item I owe a pilgrimage to Canterbury, another to St. Tebbald of Hobbies, and another to St. Albert at Cringleforde,” (fn. 2) and in 1507 Thomas Wood of Cowteshale gave legacies to the gild of the Virgin Mary, in the church of the Assumption of the Virgin at Hobbies, and to paint the new tabernacle of St. Theobald there, and this saint being so famous, made some mistake the dedication of the church, and suppose it to have been dedicated to St.Theobald, which is not so.

St. Theobald, Hautbois